Outpatient Treatment

Individuals Couples and Families

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Emotivate Counseling, PLLC

specializes in the treatment of addiction


This could be your own addiction

or the issues you suffer due to

someone else's addiction.


This can be with or without the addicted member in the treatment process.

Located in an outpatient office setting

your privacy is a primary concern!


We offer a safe, comfortable, discreet and 

confidential environment,

so that you can focus on your goals.

Starting on the road to recovery can be

a scary experience. 

However, it is also very brave and wise

I commend you for taking this first step.


To be honest, recovery is a process

and it takes hard work. 

Often taking more time than we thought it would.


The good news is that,

treatment does help!

Over time, you will notice differences

and begin to welcome the process.

Learning healthier ways to cope with struggles

Gaining insight to the circumstances

that now baffle you.

Reaching the goals you set for yourself.

Perhaps you are not sure you need treatment

Maybe someone else is prompting you to get help. 

You may have several questions. 

You will have time to ask these questions

during the first phase of treatment.

You may wonder what to expect during treatment.  

I hope the outline below helps

you understand the process better.


Treatment is different for everyone involved.

There are many factors that go into writing a treatment plan.  ​Treatment has several phases.  This is a general and basic outline.  A more thorough and individualized plan will be determined once you have been in treatment long enough to decide the best pathway.


Phase 1: Intake

Before the first session

  • Schedule an appointment

  • Complete online paperwork and documents

  • Therapist reviews paperwork

Phase 2: Assessment

Sessions 1 - 3

(also an ongoing part of treatment)

  • Coming to therapy is much like going to the doctor.  I have a waiting room and I will invite you into my office when it is time to start.

  • You may feel anxious or uncomfortable, this is normal.

  • Some clients prefer to make small talk in the beginning.  Others feel like they just want to talk and get it all out.  Either way is very normal.

  • When you are ready we will start the assessment. 

  • The assessment is designed to help us both      understand the extent and nature of your issues.

  • I will answer any questions you may have. 

  • We will define your goals for therapy together.

  • And discuss appropriate individualized options for treatment.

Phase 3: Treatment

Length depends on many factors

The nature of your issues

History of treatment

Goals for treatment

Treatment model

Readiness for treatment

Who is involved in treatment with you

Other factors unique to you

More often than not, clients enter treatment and decide on a specific treatment avenue; however, it is very normal for that plan to change during the therapeutic process as goals are met or redefined. 

I will check-in with you often from the beginning to ensure we are staying on track with what you want to accomplish.

For more information on my style and models of treatment, please go to the about page.

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